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Introduction to Twitter for People of the Auto Racing Industry

Twitter – What the heck is Twitter ? – and who thought up that strange name ?

Well we don’t have the answers for those questions for you – but we do know that Twitter can be a powerful tool for those in the Motor Racing Industry.

If you have not looked at using Twitter – or have seen it and just don’t get why you or your organization would want to use Twitter ?  or think it is something just for kids ? Then we are here to assist you.

Staying up to the minute with the goings on in any industry these days can be a challenge for anyone.  This may also be something more important than ever – especially given the current economic challenges.

But add in the long hours – the constant travel – and the never ending need to be in more than one place at any given moment in time – which participation in the Motorsports Industry often seems to demand – life can be a real challenge.

By using Twitter – one can stay in-tune with the goings on in the Motorsports Industry and an easy way to stay in touch with friends and acquaintances.

Also when you use Twitter you don’t need to search for updates or spend time searching to hear from the people that matter to you the most.

Let us introduce you to Twitter – the 140 Character at a time Micro-Blogging utility that let’s you stay in contact – and in the know.

We are bringing to you – in an easy to watch video format – all you need to know about the basics of Twitter – in under seven minutes.

We believe that you will find this video worthwhile.

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Feel free to share this Video with others who might be “stumbling” when it comes to using Twitter – and understanding how it can be a very useful tool.

1 comment

1 Brian DR1665 { 02.26.09 at 11:50 am }

I wanted to be sure to say thank you to Derek, RaceRemote, and the entire RaceDrive team for including my humble, keyboard rallyist, gear head, grease monkey, automotive shenanigans and conversation in this intro. Twitter is a great way for motorsport enthusiasts to come together across platform or series lines and enjoy being gear heads together.

I think everyone involved in motorsport is an enthusiast and, despite differences in what we race, where we race it, or how we race it (or even build it to one day race it, as is my case), we all love to talk shop. We’re car guys (and gals), right? We can’t get enough of this stuff. Some are living the dream, some are still dreaming, either way, I think it’s awesome that RaceDrive does so much to not only sort and categorize the motorsport world for easy research and connection, but also takes the time to help promote racers and, in this case here, steps into the room to introduce people to each other like this.

It’s not easy, but you can always spot the guys with that authentic passion for motorsport and the spirit of competition. Such is the RaceDrive team. Keep up the good work, guys.