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Chad DiMarco and some Quick Questions from Off Road But On Track

Chad DiMarco of Sube Sports talks with the Online Motorsport Show – Off Road But On Track.

Chad is a five time consecutive US National Pro Rally Champion – and was a factory driver for Subaru for 10 years.

The last time that I had a real chance to speak with Chad Dimarco – was back a number of years ago at the Laguna Seca Race Track.

It was an event for the Northern California Automotive Journalists.  [The name of the group/association slips my mind at the moment – maybe someone can comment in the correct name for this group.]

Chad and I both spent the day taking journalists for hot laps around the Laguna Seca Road Course in our respective “Hot Rods”.  He was in a Subaru  – “of course”  – and I was in a prototype “hopped up” Lexus GS 430.

It was a great day at the track – chasing each other and giving “ear to ear grins” to the wide eyed journalists who chose to go “for a ride”.

It was also great to catch up with Chad and to get the opportunity to ask him “some quick questions”.  We hope you enjoy it too.

Chad DiMarco