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The Business of Motorsport – Mazda Style – Part 2

This is Part Two – of a Two Part Recording – and is a recorded excerpt from the Seminar that the MazdaSpeed Motorsports Development Program – hosted on improving the “off track” performance of Racers –  during the recent 2008 PRI Show.

If you missed Part One – click on this link:  The Business of Motorsport – Mazda Style Part 1

This seminar was designed for – and was open to “all Racers” – not just those in the MazdaSpeed Motorsports Development Program.

This seminar was held during the Performance Racing Industry Trade Show and was open to anyone involved in the sport of Auto Racing. Drivers and Racing Teams working to make a name for themselves would especially benefit from the tips and knowledge given during this session.

Again these are excerpts from the seminar.

Tell them what you think – as I know they are considering other ways to get this knowledge and advice “out there” to you – the Racers.

We believe that this information will help the Sport of Auto Racing as a whole – and that is why we at the Road Racers Podcast decided to bring this audio recording to you.

We think you will enjoy this.


The Business of Motorsport - Mazda Style - Part 2

1 comment

1 Ron Cortez { 01.13.09 at 7:43 pm }

Great info from The Mazda Motorsports group.
Priceless advise from the guys that understand motorsports.

Sorry to hear the story of Randy ‘Popstar’ Pobst
and how he ‘got taken out by another driver. A manufacturer shouldn’t throw another manufacturer under the bus. It doesn’t create a positive message.