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The Making of a Racing Champion

What is it that makes a Racer a Champion ?

No matter what type of Racing, Champions always stand out. Not just because they are the Champ, but for a number of factors not usually seen by Auto Racing fans.

Scott Dixon 2013 IndyCar Champion

This Sidepods Podcast audio episode here on RaceRemote is from our audio vault.

This was recorded just before the Championship contenders headed to Auto Club Speedway in Southern California to battle it out, for the 2013 Championships.

We strive to do interviews that are timeless. So regardless of when you might listen to this – we think you will find some great words of wisdom for all involved in Motorsports.

IndyCar Champion Contenders

Scott Dixon and Helio Castroneves were the two contenders for the 2013 IndyCar Championship

IndyLights Contenders

Sage Karam and Gabby Chavez were the two contenders for the 2013 IndyLights Championship

Gabby Chavez

Gabby Chavez

Sage Karam

Sage Karam

We were able to spend some time with all four contenders.

We first asked the Mazda Road to Indy Veterans – what advice – if given the chance – they might seek from Scott Dixon and Helio Castroneves.

Then we asked both Scott and Helio what advice they might offer to both Chavez and Karam –Ā  both from the perspective as racers themselves, but also as past IndyLights competitors.

We hope you enjoy this episode of the SidePods Podcast here on RaceRemote.

Congratulations Champs – Scott Dixon and Sage Karam.


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