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An Insider Guide to the 93rd Running of the Indianapolis 500

The 93rd Running of the Indianapolis 500 on Memorial Day Weekend is
almost here.

With the third day of qualifying for the Indy 500 Saturday and bump
day this coming Sunday – before you know it there will be 33 Racing
Drivers all wanting to drink milk in Victory Lane.

No matter what type of Motorsport is your favorite – there is
nothing like the Indianapolis 500 !

This is our way way of saying “Thanks” for following what we do here:

We thought we would share with you a number of ways to get a little bit closer to all the action at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway – [ That not everyone knows about ]


Be warned ! – Get Ready – Lots of “Insider Information Below”


1] Social Media Online:

If you use Twitter – We have produced a Video over at on the IndyCar Teams and Drivers that you can
follow on Twitter.

Direct Links to all the Twitter Accounts
can be found here:

If you don’t know what Twitter is: No Problem – We also have an
intro Video on Twitter there as well.

2] The Indy Star – the local Paper in Indianapolis does some great
coverage of the Race:

Not only that – they have a really easy to manage/navigate Online
Chat Application – Called RaceTracker:

Their RaceTracker is live whenever the cars are on track.

We will be there a good portion of today [Friday and part of
Saturday ] – so come on over and join us.

3] Traditional TV Broadcast:
If you have access to the Versus TV Network: – They are again
showing six and half hours of coverage both days this weekend.

Unfortunately those of you in Canada and elsewhere – as far as I
know – you will have to wait until Race Day and ABC will then do their

4] The always entertaining Mike King and the IMS Radio Network
Broadcasts:  They will have pre-race and full race coverage as well.

5 ] Online Coverage – Updates and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway
Press Conferences Live: at: “Watch Live Button” as
well as at

The “Watch Live Buttons” only appear when cars are on track
– then you have your choice of Camera 1 – or Camera 2

Check both to see which works best for you …

6 ] Realtime Timing and Scoring are also available at and


7 ] Online: More Options:

There is a new feature called “Race Control” over at
– you do need to sign up for it – but does not cost anything.

It includes in-car cameras and a customizable viewer – and side by
side comparisons.

It still is a “bit buggy” – but definitely worth a look at. It only
becomes live during actual races.

I have been fortunate to sit down with the “man in charge” of it –
and it is more than a novelty.

8 ] Go to the Indianapolis 500 Race in person – What a concept !
The ticket prices for the Indy 500 are ridiculously low – even with just a general admission ticket there are acres to explore.

[ Nine Holes of the Brickyard Crossing Golf Course are inside the track don’t forget !]

I’ll be there – So give a wave if you go

I should be easy to spot – I will be the guy on the top deck – by
the big A/C Unit – Above the Hulman-George Suite inside of the
track just at the entry to turn #1

I’ll be wearing a headset/microphone and attempting [?] to keep all
my papers from flying away.

Hope this helps – have a great weekend – and we will see you at

Derek Ross

Other References:

Here is a link to the official schedule for this year’s Indianapolis

The first 22 Starting Positions have already been set:

Here is Saturday’s Qualifying Order for the determining the remaining
spots 23 – 33.

All IndyCar Racing “Teams” Websites on

All “IndyCar Racing Online” Websites on

Don’t forget we are always open to feedback: email us – or call us
at our Feedback line at (206) 888-4301